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Egg Freezing

Until recently this was experimental, but now hundreds of healthy babies have been born with frozen stored and then thawed eggs

Basically this technique is 2 weeks injections with ultrasound monitoring leading to an egg collection as in ivf but the eggs frozen without being fertilised and stored initially up to 10 years 

The number of eggs required is completely dependant on a woman’s age.
The following was published in Human Reproduction in 2017 and gives a very good indication of the number of eggs required at a given age to have one baby. Obviously if more babies are required then more than one cycle of egg collection can be done and produce more eggs for multiple chances later when they are thawed fertilised with sperm and put back in your womb.

In our society it is considered by many healthy women a good insurance for the future to put a halt on the biological ageing of their eggs so that when the right time comes to start a family, if a baby doesn’t happen, then their own young eggs are available.

This graph from Goldman RH et al Was published in Human Reproduction in 2017

It shows that 10 eggs in the freezer will give a 35 year old woman or younger a 70% chance of a baby but these 10 eggs from a woman who was 44 when her eggs were frozen, would only give an 8% chance of having a baby. Or put another way 100 eggs (a practically unachievable number) in the freezer for a 44 year old women at the age her eggs were frozen would result in a 55% chance of a baby. So the earlier you consider egg freezing, if it is important for you, over the age of 25, the higher your chances of having a baby.

Egg Freezing is available with local scanning and egg collection at Kings Fertility personally delivered by the author for £2900 for 1 cycle or £7950 for 3 cycles excluding the medication which will range from £1000 to £2000 depending on the woman’s AMH. The higher it is then the more fertile she is and consequently lower dose of hormones need to be administered.