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Embryo Adoption

In previous generations couples who hadn’t managed to have children of their own had the possibility of adopting a healthy baby and raise the child as their own.

In recent years this has become increasingly difficult. The aim then is to replace adopting a baby with adopting an embryo. That is an egg from a known fertile young woman fertilised with the sperm form a known fertile young man.

The resulting embryo matched to characteristics of the parents and screened for 600 human genetic diseases is then put inside the mothers womb after 2 weeks of natural oestrogen tablets and 6 days of natural progesterone.

The oestrogen and progesterone carry on for the first 3 months of pregnancy

This is available as a day embryo transfer (where a small catheter is placed through your cervix, like a smear test, with an abdominal scan) in one of the largest Spanish clinics


This is charged at 4000 euros for 1 cycle of 19500 euros for 3 treatments with a guaranteed baby (not just a positive pregnancy test) or your money back.

The initial investigations scans blood tests etc are all available by the author in either 55 Harley Street or the south London clinics. Subsequently on return to the UK the pregnancy is monitored at these clinics as well so the trip to Spain is only once.

The only limits to this treatment are that the woman should be in good health such that a pregnancy and childbirth wont cause her harm and aged up to 50 years old.