Hysterectomy | IVF Process London | Kent UK


Hysterectomy | IVF Process London | Kent UK

The aim is to provide a complete fertility package in a clinic with easy access just off the London M25 (junction 4) orbital motorway in Kent, or in Beckenham (a short walk from Shortlands Station), or 55 Harley Street to make travelling more straightforward, by car or train. At an initial visit lifestyle issues will be assessed (e.g. smoking, alcohol consumption) and tests initiated to make a diagnosis (if one exists). Consideration will be given to vitamin supplementation requirements for both the man and woman, and a complete range of female minimal access surgery depending on the ultrasound findings are offered. These include laparoscopic removal of fibroids, laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis or tubal blockage / adhesions, laparoscopic reversal of female sterilisation and assisted conception for those in whom natural conception has been unsuccessful. Hysterescopic surgery offered includes the treatment of Ashermans syndrome (scar tissue inside the womb) removal of fibroids or polyps inside the womb etc.

Treatment includes for the male partner, surgical sperm retrieval if required in conjunction with an Andrologist (doctor specialising in sperm issues and male treatment) and IUI, IVF or ICSI

If the woman has no eggs of her own then I work with centres abroad to permit anonymous egg donation within 2 months. These are in Spain (www.institutobernabeu.com) where the treatment costs a similar amount for egg donation from a 25 to 28 year old woman with proven fertility who donates all her eggs obtained in an IVF cycle to 1 couple (i.e. not egg sharing) to an IVF cycle in the UK. For couples who are of ethnic minorities, I also work with the barbados fertility clinic (barbadosivf.com). Only the embryo transfer is performed abroad. The fertility work up and subsequent antenatal care is performed in the UK by the author if required, or a local ante natal clinic on the NHS if easier.

Once a couple have become pregnant under my care I also offer a complete package of looking after the woman whilst pregnant, ultrasound monitoring of the baby in the early stages and recording of the growing baby, in conjunction with world experts to monitor the normality of the baby by ultrasound etc.