Christopher V. Steer, MD | Recent Developments London | Kent UK

Recent Developments

1: 10 years follow up of Laparoscopic Myomectoies as a day case (Fibroid removal) For infertility and the subsequent delivery of the babies for 120 women has been nominated as a major presentation at the international Obstetrics and Gynaecology conference in Athens in October 2011.

2: Complimentary 4D pregnancy scans with free DVD now included for private antenatal care.

3: Recent evidence suggests that the use of Intralipids increases the chance of pregnancy in women with implantation failure. This is an intravenous infusion of mainly Soya derived fats that has no blood products in it. It is given at home from healthcare at home nurses 1 week before embryo transfer in an IVF cycle, and costs £160 aprox. It is therefore a much cheaper safer alternative to IVIG.

A Harmony test is offered as part of a pregnancy scan from 10 weeks pregnant onwards with a 4D scan and a DVD for £500
This provide a genetic diagnosis of the unborn baby form the mothers blood test so no risk to the baby. It includes the sex of the baby if wanted.

4: For woman who would like to have their embryos tested the egg collection and embryo transfer can be done at the new IVF unit at Kings College Hospital.